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X-COM: UFO Defense was such a perfect game. Twenty years ago, when I was a teen, I played this game so much and I loved it so hard. Even though a lot of people and companies tried to embody ideas of this game in their creations, the original plot of UFO Defense has never been improved. Today I am happy, because a group of people is reproducing the original plot and the original graphics of this game with great possibilities for mod makers. The name of this project is OpenXcom and fortunately it can be run on Linux. Despite the fact that OpenXcom is perfect I would like to introduce my collection of changes for this game plot and graphics.

The main ideas of development


Starting Base and facilities

Layout of facilities on the starting base has been improved for better defence. The small radar system in the center gives free space for maneuvers. The living quarters before small radar can be used for close range combat, because it is a good place for ambush. Building the large radar system after small radar proposes a good place for snipers.

Range of radars were balanced for aircraft and facilities. Also, the construction of facilities was balanced. The alien containment depends on Alien Biology (an autopsy of any alien is necessary).

There is the possibility of buying the motion scanner, small first aid kits and different vests in the beginning of the game. And a small gift - there is a Tank/Cannon on the starting base which can be turn into a Tank/Laser later.

Aircraft and cannons

Aircraft and cannons were rebalanced - defence of standard interceptor and homing of rockets have been decreased. New improved interceptor (RAVEN) with a great defence and with increased radar range was implemented. In addition, the Lightning image has been enhanced. Existing cannons were redesigned. Some launchers and cannons were added. read more...

Conventional weapons

Awesome Guns modification implements a lot of new guns and items. There are the machine pistol, sniper rifle, a lot of shotguns, grenade launcher with different type of grenades and armor-penetrating rocket which can ruin UFO wall. Moreover, incendiary grenades, medicine chest and motion scanners are available from beginning. Also, the assault rifles and thunderbolt (a heavy sniper rifle) can be researched after alien alloys.

The bullets are not an exception - improved clips can be manufactured from alien alloys, alien corpses and Elerium. All these and many other items and weapons give an unforgettable experience. read more...

Laser weapons

The laser technology can be researched after Elerium and UFO power source. Unfortunately, the laser weapon overheats and cannot fire auto shots. Fortunately, the laser weapon is very accurate. Also, the laser shotgun has a great power. read more...

Alien weapons

The alien weapons were completely redesigned. Now these guns look really like extraterrestrial weapons. Moreover, the hand's and floor's images, the sound's files and hit animation were improved. read more...

Even though alien weapon cannot be used by humans, alien weapon can be converted for using in the combats. These weapons were redesigned also and look pretty good.

Melee combat

Are you ready for a face-to-face duels? Awesome Guns modification offers four types of melee weapons with different abilities and technologies.

Sounds and effects

Awesome Guns modification introduces a lot of high-quality sounds and visual effects. Sound effects of aircraft missiles, human and alien weapons, attacks and hit animations were improved.

Moreover, the different types of melee animations have been implemented.


New vests are allowed to buy at beginning of the game. Also, new armours can be researched after alien alloys. Awesome Guns modification implements different types of armours with different colours and possibilities. There are armours for scouts, snipers and heavy gun soldiers. The inventory and combats images have been corrected. read more...

Inventory screen

Inventory has been redeveloped. New quick-draw and breast sections were implemented. Shifting items between hand and holster is more quickly.

Awesome Guns modification can be incompatible with original OpenXcom saved files, because inventory is redone. To avoid problems with previous saved files your soldiers should be stripped before saving, at least the right shoulder, right leg, left shoulder, left leg, and belt must be empty.


Research in the Awesome Guns modification conducts four sections: Biology, Aircraft and conventional weapons, Laser weapons and Alien weapons. These implementations give a lot of different guns and items. read more...


Some of manufacturing were changed and were balanced. There are new production processes. New items, new type of bullets and weapons were introduced. Production of laser weapons has been changed (now it consumes Elerium). Human tanks can be turned one into another one (Tank/Laser can be modified as Tank/Cannon, Tank/Cannon as Tank/Rocket). Alien items and weapons cannot be manufactured but can be converted into other items and more other.

Try and play

A lot of other innovation that Awesome Guns modification is offering, can be discovered in the game.

If you like the original plot of the X-COM game, this is the best offer. Awesome Guns is an awesome modification of the X-COM game with a minimal change of original game's idea and full visualization improvement!


If you prefer playing the Awesome Guns modification on OpenXcom Nightly, then this patch can solve the compatibility problems. Also, the name of installed folder should be AwesomeGuns, please check it on OpenXcom Nightly before playing.

Compatible mods

Awesome Guns modification is a FULL modification. It works fine on Windows and Linux without UFOextender and XcomUtil. There are a few mods for improving alien behaviour and they work fine with my creation. I recommend to use these mods:

Enjoy your time!

Time to play, is not it?